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Get More Than Just A Hotel Room In Costa Rica | Hotel News 247
January 23, 2023, 8:46 am
January 23, 2023, 8:46 am

Get More Than Just a Hotel Room in Costa Rica

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Get More Than Just a Hotel Room in Costa Rica
Get More Than Just a Hotel Room in Costa Rica

We are discussing Get More Than Just a Hotel Room in Costa Rica. When visiting Costa Rica, why stay in a regular hotel room when you have the option of staying in a fully furnished apartment? While there are all kinds of hotel rooms available, apartment rentals have become a strong competitor; it could be due to the privacy, luxury, and freedom you get from an apartment. You will find apartments in all sizes and locations. If condos aren’t your thing, then you might want to consider a private residence when considering accommodation for your Costa Rica vacation.

Costa Rica vacation rentals are quickly becoming a strong competitor to traditional hotels. The new wave of tourists is more likely to choose to stay in a private condominium or at home, especially if they travel in groups of three or more people. However, we have seen couples and single visitors choose rental properties to enjoy more space and additional amenities.

A vacation rental.

Travelers choose to stay in a vacation rental because most of them offer significantly more space than they would find in the typical hotel room, often at a lower cost. Now families and groups can vacation together and still have “room to breathe”. Private homes offer excellent flexibility, unlike a typical hotel room, most private vacation homes have laundry and kitchen facilities meaning guests don’t have to carry tons of luggage or eat out at every meal.


Many Costa Rica vacation homes are frequently used by their owners and as such are not like the typical “cookie-cutter” environment found in hotels and other vacation establishments. No one gives more attention and detail to a property than the owner. When choosing a rental property, travelers can contact owners or property management companies. Usually, these are second homes and the owners live far away. Doing business directly with the owner will earn you even better rates. However, it is essential to have someone on-site in charge of the property to ensure a prompt response in the event of a problem or concierge service. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more on a pleasant holiday.

This trend is strongly noticed on the coast of the central Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. While thousands of travelers stay in four-star hotels. A growing number are choosing to stay in world-class condominiums. Or homes in the Central Pacific. While they have more privacy and space. Condo renters also have access to amenities such as a marina. Golf course beach club, casinos, restaurants, bars, 24/7 security, and medical service

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